The Double Deuce

The Double Deuce

Woodhouse tells Archer about his WWI escapades. His former superior and BFF Reggie, suggested a tontine (French AND illegal, even in a Napoleonic Code state.) Each man contributed £50 and, after years of compound interest, the literal last man standing would collect the lot. The 100+ year old Woodhouse was 1 of 3 remaining old soldiers still alive and eligible to receive nearly £1,000,000. Dr. Who money or not, Archer would still kill his old valet to collect. Back at ISIS, Pam sets up her own tontine, while encouraging Cheryl to slurp glue. Wee Seamus becomes the embodiment of bouncing baby boy, when Archer rushes to save a friend. Can Woodhouse, figuratively, knock sense into Archer's head? How much can wee baby Seamus drink, literally, before designated adult sees he has a problem? Written by LA-Lawyer

All Episodes - S2

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