Archer Vice: Smugglers' Blues

Archer Vice: Smugglers' Blues

Archer forces Ray and Cyril to accompany him (and pounds/kilos of product) to Colombia on a secret mission to do business with the leader of the Cali cartel. Back at Tunt Manor, each of the ISIS gang reacts to the mission in his/her own way. Lana plays mother, Pam eats cocaine, Woodhouse perfects GILF Cam skills, Krieger tracks the trio via Snacklesnaps, Cherlene sings and Malory fumes. No one is surprised when Archer's ginormous mouth gets in the way of the scheme. When the Cali leader turns out to be the sensual La Madrina, Archer thinks he has a slam-dunk...until he finds Ray, Cyril and himself being driven to a remote Colombian prison. Written by LA-Lawyer

All Episodes - S5

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