Archer is supposed to babysit AJ at his apartment while Lana goes to a yurt to sweat, but she is very nervous to leave AJ with Archer. Slater bursts in with Farooq, whom he introduces as a former Pakistani spy who wants to defect. Slater needs Archer to babysit Farooq while he secures the CIA safe house, but Farooq is apparently a double-agent. Farooq wants to access the ISIS mainframe; he holds AJ in his arms while he holds Archer with a gun. The rest of the ISIS crew plays poker in the break room as Archer introduces Farooq as AJ's manny. Will there be any hate crimes? Will Auntie Pam swat at planes from the roof? Archer goes from his default setting of half-ass to quadruple-ass in defense of his child. Written by LA-Lawyer

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