Nice Town You Picked, Norma...

Nice Town You Picked, Norma...

Norma is surprised - and not very pleased - by the unexpected arrival of her eldest son Dylan Massett. She's hoping he'll take some money and just go away but it looks like he's going to stay around for awhile. He clearly hates his mother and that doesn't sit well with Norman. Dylan quickly learns his way around town. Norman begins working with Emma Decody on a school project and she finds the book of pencil drawings. She thinks the events depicted in the book really happened and they go to some of places she recognizes. They find something interesting. Waiting for the bus with Norman, Bradley sees her father's car race by and crash. Her father is inside, badly burned as the result of a fire at his warehouse. While investigating the crash, Sheriff Romero finds Keith Summers' truck. The Sheriff catches her in a lie and she begins seeing Deputy Zach Shelby to try and bolster their story. He tells her that the town has its own way of dealing with problems. Written by garykmcd

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